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Evertz is looking forward to an exciting IBC 2017. Evertz' Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) solutions ensure a future-proof IP-based foundation to address growing trends in the industry including Remote/At Home Production, UltraHD (UHD), high dynamic range (HDR), cloud-based playout, and Big Data Analytics.

We invite you to visit us in Hall 1 booth D31 and F29 to see our latest innovations.

Evertz along with 50 other vendors will be participating in the IP showcase, featuring interoperability solutions based on SMPTE ST 2110 and AMWA IS-04 and IS-05. This single unifying set of standards will address inter-vendor interoperability issues simplifying systems integration as broadcasters update their facilities with new IP infrastructures. The interoperability demonstrations will simulate real-world applications with workflows that emulate live-production, contribution and playout signal flows.

IBC IP Showcase - Real Time Media; Room E106. Gain the information, inspiration and contacts you need to realise maximum advantage from the IP revolution.

With over 80 global deployments, Evertz is leading the transition to IP with its SDVN IP-based solutions. For IBC 2017, Evertz will expand its SDVN portfolio with its range of 25GbE products, support for SMPTE 2110 and NMOS IS-04, along with evEDGE, a Software Defined Compute and Routing platform for virtualization applications. Evertz will also highlight the 5700MSC-IP, an IP-based Grand Master Clock and Video Master Sync Generator ideal for timing IP-based video broadcast, production, and distribution facilities.

DreamCatcher is a robust and scalable IP-based capture, playout, replay, edit and packaging system. This IP-based platform, enhances production workflows by leveraging MAGNUM and with its 10GbE network architecture, and can scale to meet the needs of any production workflow, including 8K capture and replay.

Evertz is excited to introduce two new tools to the DreamCatcher platform: DC- LIVE-EDIT and DC-LOGGER. DC-LIVE-EDIT is an advanced video/audio editing tool and DC-LOGGER is a lightweight DreamCatcher client capable of monitoring, logging, editing, clipping and managing content for a DreamCatcher network.

inSITE, Evertz's big data analytics engine, provides real-time centralized operational intelligence for video broadcasters. This platform offers the unique capability of collecting and aggregating data from all machine data points in a workflow, regardless of device type. Coupled with VistaLINK® and MAGNUM, inSITE enables faster, better decision making and minimized risks along with revealing trends that guide the users towards new development of products and services.

Mediator-X is a cloud native software module platform, that enables media companies to automate the components of Media Asset Management, Linear Transmission Playout and Non-Linear Distribution Workflows. Evertz' OvertureRT LIVE is a cost-effective and scalable playout solution, with deployment options that range from video appliances to private and public cloud VMs. Render-X is a transcode and conform solution for creatingNon Linear assets faster than real time.

At IBC, Evertz will demonstrate Mediator-X, OvertureRT LIVE and RenderX as virtualized public and private cloud services.

Evertz offers a comprehensive UltraHD (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) solution set for applications from acquisition to production to playout, Evertz is the only manufacturer offering quad-link 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI, and IP UHD and HDR solutions for new and existing facilities.

At IBC, Evertz will be highlighting the new SDR to HDR conversion capabilities on its 7814UDX family of Up/Down/Cross converters as well as the 3067VIP series of multiviewers the industry's most advanced IP (ASPEN, SMPTE 2022-6, SMPTE 2110), 12G SDI, UHD multi-image display processor.

Evertz' video delivery platform delivers broadcast quality video from any source, through any network, to any device. For IBC 2017, Evertz will showcase the 570ITXE universal on-ramp IP gateway, capable of receiving/decoding, normalizing and performing multiple encodes (H.264 / JPEG2000) of uncompressed and compressed streams. Also featured is the 3482TXE-HEVC software defined accelerated platform that offers multi-standard video (UHD / 3G / HD / SD), multi-codec (HEVC / H.264) encoding in a high- density form factor. Evertz video delivery platforms offer complete solutions to contribution, primary/secondary distribution and OTT markets.

Evertz offers the ability to reach millions of customers with minimal ground infrastructure through their reliable end-to-end RF solutions. Evertz will feature the XPRF14 128x128 RF router; the first platform to offer full power, control, and IO redundancy. While housed in a compact 14RU chassis, the XPRF14 makes no compromises on features, performance, or reliability. The XPRF features a large touch display for ease of use, along with on-screen spectrum analyzer, gain monitoring, and video. Control through MAGNUM, VUE, and VistaLINK provide familiarity to operators.

Evertz will showcase two new media gateways for IP transport: the evRemote (evR) and 3606FR. These products will allow for the easy introduction of remote production capability to venues, rental spaces, and trucks/OB. The evR provides 120Gbps switching capability along with up to twelve (12) JPEG2000 encoders and decoders. The 3606FR allows for simultaneous dark fiber and IP transport for multiple signal formats including video, audio, and serial data.. Evertz remote solutions utilize a familiar interface and enable major cost savings by reducing footprint, setup time, staffing and travel costs and power consumption.

The Evertz' MMA-10G is a network based AV distribution solution, constructed using Evertz' award winning SDVN (Software Defined Video Network) architecture. MMA-10G utilizes a highly reliable 10GE/100GE infrastructure for routing video and audio and offers unprecedented scalability and reliability.

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