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7881ENC-H264HD, 7881ENC-H264SD

H.264/AVC Low Latency Contribution Encoder

Product Manual Manual
VistaLINK® enabled New SDVN Compatible

As the broadcast landscape continues to evolve, the need for a superior class of compression encoder that applies the latest compression technology becomes more relevant to overall success of the operation. The Evertz® 7881ENC-H264HD (7881ENC) video contribution encoder satisfies this very requirement.

This module has been designed for high quality, low latency compression of HD/SD-SDI video and audio signals over any transport network, including IP/MPLS, satellite and sonet. The encoder is equipped with an enhanced H.264/AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10) video compression engine that delivers contribution high quality video with super low latency as low as 120ms end to end when paired with an Evertz professional decoder.

This device offers an auto-sensing HD/SD-SDI digital interface with up to High Profile 4:2:2 video compression resolution at user configurable bitrates of up to 80Mb/s with support for forward error correction (FEC) and integrated encryption technology to ensure security across the transport.

The encoder also includes a dedicated control port that offers a built-in web server for quick and easy configuration, including true SNMP control from the award winning VistaLINK® NMS when paired with a frame controller.

For those mission critical applications, the 7881ENC-H264HD can be smartly managed using the Evertz® Compression System Manager (CSM) software, which offers complete provisioning, monitoring and redundancy management of the contribution compression head end.

This module can be housed is a wide variety of Evertz® chassis spanning from 1RU, 3RU and 6RU enclosures. The 7881ENC-H264HD will occupy one slot of the chassis.*

  • Hot-swappable modular blade contribution encoder
  • High density of up to 15 encoders in a single 7800FR class chassis
  • H.264/AVC compression engine with up to eight channels of audio
  • Simultaneous IP and ASI outputs
  • As low as 120ms low latency contribution
  • SCTE104 to 35 for digital program insertion
  • Support for 4:2:2 High Profile resolution
  • Support for BISS 0/1/E scrambling encryption
  • Support for FEC Pro MPEG (forward error correction)*
  • Full integration with Compression System Manager software
  • Easy to use web browser interface and/or SNMP for confi guration and control
Optional Functionality7881ENC-H264HD Encoder7881DEC-H264HD Decoder
8-BIT 4:2:2+422+422
Dolby-E AudioPass Thru+DD
Dolby AC-3 Audio+AC3EStandard Feature
SCTE104 to SCTE35+SCTE104+SCTE104
Forward Error Correction+IP-FEC+IP-FEC


Video Specifications
Number of Inputs1 electrical
StandardSMPTE ST 259-1/ST 292-1 (270Mb/s, 1.485Gb/s)
Video Resolution1920x1080 @ 25, 29.97
1280x720 @ 50, 59.94
720x576 @ 25Hz (ITU-R BT.656-4)
720x480i @ 29.97Hz (SMPTE ST 125-1)
480i: 720x480
Compression FormatH.264/AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10)
Profile / Level4:2:0 8-bit High, Main
High 4:2:2 8-bit (optional)
4.0 / 3.2 / 3.0
HD Max Output Rate at 80Mb/s
SD Max Output Rata at 50Mb/s
Compression EncryptionBISS 0/1/E (optional)
End To End LatencyAs low as 120ms
Audio Specifications
Compression FormatsMPEG-1 Audio Layer II
Dolby-E® / Dolby® AC-3 passthru
Dolby® Digital AC-3 up to 3/2L (optional)
AAC-LC / HE-AAC (optional)
Input/Output Interfaces
Video Input ConnectorBNC per IEC 61169-8 annex A
Input Equalization
SDAutomatic to 300m @ 270Mb/s
HDAutomatic to 110m @ 1.5Gb/s
Audio InputEmbedded AES
Output Interfaces
475Ω BNC Connectors
2 reclocked of the HD/SD-SDI input
2Network Ethernet Interface
1x Dedicated control via HTTP & SNMP
1x Dedicated service streaming
StandardEthernet 10/100 base-T, IEEE 802.3U standard
Ethernet ConnectorRJ-45
Configuration & Management
Card EdgeLimited control of module setup
Web ServerIntegrated HTTPd with full control
SNMPVistaLINK® remote control and monitoring
Requires Multiframe Controller
CSMCompression System Manager
Requires VistaLINK® Pro Base
Voltage+12V DC
Power23 watts (fully loaded)
EMI/RFIComplies with FCC regulations for class-A devices
Complies with EU EMC directive
Number of Slots1
  • Slot count expands to 2 with +IP-FEC option

Ordering Information

7881ENC-H264HDH.264/AVC Low Latency Contribution Encoder (Integrated HTTP web interface or Frame Controller for SNMP)
7881ENC-H264SDSD H.264/AVC Low Latency Contribution Encoder
Ordering Options
NotesRear plate must be specified at time of order - eg: [model]+3RU
+4224:2:2 8-bit Chroma Sampling Support
+EBISSBISS Encryption 1/E Support
+AC3EDolby® Digital Audio Encoding Support
+AACAdvanced Audio Codec Support for AAC-LC and HE-AAC
+SCTE104SCTE104 to SCTE35 converter
+IP-FECForward Error Correction (expands slot count to 2)
Rear Plate Suffix
+3RU3RU rear plate for use with 7800FR, 7800FR-QT, 7801FR or 3700FR3RU Multiframes
7800FR3RU Multiframe which holds 15 modules
7800FR-QT3RU Quiet Multiframe which holds 15 modules
7801FR1RU Multiframe which holds 4 modules
3700FR3700 Series 6RU ATP frame, includes one 3000PS power supply
7800FC3RU Multiframe Controller (necessary for 3RU SNMP control)
7801FC1RU Multiframe Controller (necessary for 1RU SNMP control)
7881DEC-H264HDH.264 HD/SD-SDI Decoder
VistaLINK® PRONetwork Management Software
VistaLINK® CSMCompression System Manager