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OvertureRT LIVE

HD/SD Integrated Channel Playout Engine with Advanced Graphics

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  • SDVN Compatible

Today's challenge for broadcasters is to deliver more content in more costeffective ways. The broadcasting space has become extremely competitive with new HD/SD services being launched on a daily basis. With the influx of mobile devices (such as tablets) in the consumer space, broadcasters are now required to provide services for these new platforms. The key to success is finding ways to add more HD/SD playout services without substantially increasing capital and operating costs.

With the convergence of broadcast and IT-based technologies, integrated playout is becoming an attractive solution for broadcasters. This concept integrates a traditional broadcast chain that includes multiple discrete devices, into a singular piece of IT-based hardware. These systems can also easily integrate with Media Asset Management (MAM) and automation systems. The result is a scalable, feature-rich, and cost-effective solution for both baseband and file based playout. These solutions occupy less rack space and have lower power, cable, and cooling requirements which equate to long term savings.

OvertureRT LIVE is a cost-effective playout engine with integrated master control and advanced channel branding/graphics features. OvertureRT LIVE is ideal for applications that span from single channel ".2" applications all the way up to large multi-channel playout facilities. In addition, OvertureRT LIVE can be used for regional opt-out and disaster recovery (DR) applications.

To deliver superior reliability in 24/7 applications, OvertureRT LIVE has been developed in a completely Linux based OS. OvertureRT LIVE also has an internal multi-port video server running CPU based software codecs for superior flexibility. In the 1RU version of the OvertureRT LIVE, 1.5TB (RAID1) of local edge storage is provided. Applications requiring additional storage can upgrade to the 3RU version of OvertureRT LIVE which has a standard 6TB (RAID6) of local storage.

OvertureRT LIVE offers the ability to seamlessly play out a mixture of SD and HD content by utilizing internal up/down/cross conversion engines. OvertureRT LIVE provides a mixture of template driven branding and character generation capabilities that allow users to create dynamic lower-third promos, weather alerts, and "Coming Up Next" graphics, amongst others.

For physical I/O, OvertureRT LIVE uses an Evertz developed PCI interface card to offer a unique mix of HW and SW processing, unmatched I/O flexibility and cost savings.

OvertureRT LIVE offers a video and audio mixer that allows users to transition between multiple live HD/SD inputs and the internal video server playout engine. Additional features include VANC and caption/subtitling insertion.

Template Driven Graphics

Advanced and complex graphics presentation is becoming an increasingly crucial part of program delivery. At the same time, the number of sources from which data and information needs to be gathered continues to grow. To manage this increasing complexity and the costs associated with graphics creation, a practical option is to adopt a graphical template-based work-flow.

With template driven graphics, critical and dynamically changing elements can be specifically designed into a single graphical template and then pushed out to the relevant playout devices. With these dynamic elements, last minute and even on-air template updates can be easily accomplished.

Evertz' Overture Template Design Studio facilitates the process of template design and template management.

OvertureRT LIVE's Graphical Templates Enable:

  • Increased flexibility to handle last minute graphical updates
  • Superior ability to present real time information in dynamic environments
  • Centralized graphics creation for cost management
  • Increased focus on a lower number of higher quality graphics
  • Consistent graphical look and feel across different stations
  • Consistent graphical look and feel across the programming day
  • Simple and automated "Coming Up" and "Cross Channel" promotions, amongst others

OvertureRT LIVE Key Features

  • Cost effective IT based play-out
  • Seamless integration with the Evertz Mediator Content Management System and Playtime Automation
  • Linux based OS
  • Internal multi-port video server
  • Software based A/V decoders
  • Evertz based PCI card for video/audio I/O
  • Integrated master control functionality
  • Internal video up/down/cross conversion
  • Advanced graphics and branding functionality such as:
  • Full screen animated bumpers
  • Lower third animated promos/coming up next
  • Animated & static graphics for station ID
  • Crawls, time, date & temperature objects
  • DVEs for promo squeeze backs & reveals
  • Full support for template driven graphics workflow
  • Advanced ancillary data processing
  • 1.5TB (RAID1) local storage with OVRT-LIVE-1U
  • 6TB (RAID6) local edge storage with OVRT-LIVE-3U
Enterprise Class IT Hardware

Ordering Information

OVRT-LIVE-1U1RU solution for Integrated Play-out, Graphics and Master Control Functionality
Includes 1.5TB (RAID1) local storage Dual redundant power supplies
OVRT-LIVE-3U3RU solution for Integrated Play-out, Graphics and Master Control Functionality
Includes 6TB (RAID6) local storage Dual redundant power supplies
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