Evertz Microsystems Ltd.

Contribution Applications

Evertz offers a "freedom of choice" for customers looking for contribution solutions. Evertz provides a range of products that of codecs from MPEG-2, AVC to JPEG2000. For news gathering applications, Evertz offers low latency MPEG-2 and/or AVC encoding/decoding (at sub 200ms) for HD and SD video standards. For event contribution, Evertz offers JPEG2000 (ultra low latency), AVCI, and H.264 (10-bit 4:2:2) encoding/decoding choices. In each contribution application, Evertz MAGNUM and VistaLINK® are used to simplify the control and management of the solution.

Event Contribution / News Gathering

For each application, the encoders and decoders utilize Evertz modular 3RU and 6RU multiframes. This modular approach, allows customers to have choice of multiple platforms as their solution. When coupled with Evertz media transport products, ATP and/or 3080IPX, customers have a full solution for remote production that's the most reliable and versatile in the industry.

For 4K and remote production applications, Evertz offers ultra low-latency and high quality JPEG2000 to capture events at the remote sites and ATP to transport the signals from the venues to the production location over dark fiber or IP/MPLS networks.