Mediator Content Management and Workflow Solutions

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Create. Manage. Deliver.

Mediator is Evertz content management and workflow solution for smarter media publishing. Mediator addresses the ever-changing business and operational needs for delivering linear and non-linear content and distribution. With growing demands for TV Everywhere (at home, on the web, and on the phone/tablet), media organizations need a flexible and adaptable software application that can efficiently and cost-effectively deliver content to consumers. Mediator helps media organizations monetize media assets by managing resources and operations to deliver multi-channel, multi-platform and multi-language content anytime, anywhere.

Key Features

  • Robust

    Unix-based operating system, with active-active server and database architectures for high availability and reliability.

  • Scalable

    Modular architecture provides scalability from a single user to thousands of users, material processed and support for multiple site locations.

  • Agnostic

    Mediator operates on Evertz optimized IT hardware to meet broadcast and media demands, commercially available off-the-shelf servers or on virtualized IT platforms.

  • Customizable

    Fully customizable workflow logic that is user configurable to meet business needs.

  • Rich Metadata

    Captures and stores media assets along with technical and descriptive metadata, which allows for unprecedented searching, cataloguing, and automated workflows.

  • Access Profiles

    Use Mediator to manage multiple libraries on shared resources with defined user roles and tasks.

  • Web Interface

    Centrally manage material using Web Services API to gain access to materials and tasks from any desktop location.

  • Elasticity

    Dynamically reshape, expand, and contracts service provisions to meet demand.

  • Flexible

    Flexible architecture for customizable workflows from library management to ingest (tape, file or live) to QC and store management to delivery on multi-platforms, multi-channels, with multi-languages.

  • 3rd Party Interfacing

    Seamless integration with 3rd party systems and devices including business systems (via Mediator API/ BXF / PXF), auto QC, transcoders, storage and NLEs.

  • Dashboards and Reporting

    Provides resource and infrastructure efficiency through reports and live dashboards including advanced business reporting tools.

  • Aggregate Database Search

    Scales across multiple locations to provide powerful multi-site searching and reporting capabilities.

Content Workflow Platform


Mediator's architecture is based on a number of key principles which allows Mediator to provide an optimized workflow to meet business' objectives for delivering content. Mediator ensures that the right content is in the right place, at the right time, with "built-in" quality.

Mediator is based on the following principles:

  • Decisions are driven by business systems - Mediator uses business priorities and channel management systems (rights management, scheduling, traffic, etc.) to define workflow decisions.
  • Apply rules, profiles, and DRM as workflows - Mediator establishes preset workflows and applies rules to automate workflows in order to remove costly manual processes.
  • Manage how media moves through workflow - Mediator manages the file flow through the workflow engine. This allows operations to focus on the task at hand, rather than how/when to obtain material.
  • Prioritize based on rules - Mediator prioritizes file flows through the workflow engine to gain greater efficiency of operations while maximizing business objectives.

As a result, Mediator maintains an "ingest once, use everywhere" philosophy that enables a high volume "in" and "out" workflow engine.


Mediator utilizes an API to access its subsystems via its own web-based interface or 3rd party interface. This approach optimizes Mediator's flexibility allowing the user to access Mediator from multiple remote locations and enabling direct interfacing for business systems. Mediator is divided into subsystems that provide the scalability, flexibility and resiliency required by multi-channel playout facilities as well as large enterprise level media organizations.


Mediator can scale from small multi-channel facilities to large enterprise level media organizations. The flexibility of Mediator's architecture enables media companies to manage content across multiple locations, with multiple languages and multiple platforms. Mediator-X and Live-X are applications that exhibit the immense flexibility of the system as outlined below:

Multi-Channel Playout

Mediator's Playtime module allows broadcasters, service providers, affiliates and clients to collaborate for playout and publishing operations as never before. Using Playtime, the multi-channel automation option for Mediator, broadcasters and service providers can publish multi-format content far beyond traditional television channels. Playtime is integrated with OvertureRT LIVE to provide channel playout (with advanced branding capabilities) that scales from a single-channel application to a large multi-channel playout facility.

Storage Management

Mediator is an advanced media asset management system ideal for broadcaster and service providers. Leveraging rich metadata, Mediator integrates tape and disk-based archives to provide cost effective, long term and secure storage of content for broadcasters and services providers. Mediator's proven transfer platform balances the long term storage requirements of a customer's channels and services with the demands of day to day and often hour by hour business priorities. Mediator manages the available network and processing bandwidth to get the right file from the archive, transcoded and delivered to multiple publishers at the right time.

Mediator-X Cloud Services

Mediator-X allows for the creation of global content management systems by leveraging cloud services. Utilizing Mediator's data center ready architecture, Mediator-X scales across regions, multiple geographical locations and supports multiple languages and platforms. Mediator-X provides the elasticity to process hundreds of thousands jobs by dynamically allocating virtual resources (via private or public cloud) and off-loading tasks during peak capacity across a global network.

LIVE-X: Video-on-demand, Transcoding, and Playlist Pre-Rendering

Evertz' LIVE-X architecture is specifically designed to meet the high demand for content creators and distributors to cost effectively create, package and deliver an exponentially growing number of assets to an ever increasing number of delivery platforms and consumer devices. LIVE-X is a "faster than real-time" architecture that leverages Evertz SDVN and 10GbE technology to increase operational efficiency and reduce time-to-market for high throughput video-on-demand (VOD) asset generation. LIVE-X achieves this by simultaneously generating high resolution asset, low-resolution proxies, and parallel generation of multiple profiles for different platforms.

For linear channels, the LIVE-X architecture provides an automated process for "faster than real-time" channel origination with automated quality control (QC) thereby eliminating the need for costly and time consuming "look ahead" channels.

Case Studies