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As the industry migrates towards an IP-centric facility, Evertz' Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) will allow content providers to make the transition to IP without compromise. Using Evertz' MAGNUM for control and the versatile 3080IPX, SDVN can be applied throughout the facility in production, playout, and WAN distribution.

At the core of Evertz' SDVN is the IPG High Density Media Gateway and the IPX 10GbE Switch Fabric. 10GbE has become an attractive alternative to coaxial based SDI for transport and routing of video/audio. 10GbE offers many advantages including, cable reduction through the transport of multiple HD videos over a single 10GbE cable, native support of fiber optic distribution, the ability to create distributed routing architectures, and the ability to scale to larger I/O sizes versus today's SDI video routers. The IPX and IPG platforms provide broadcasters all the flexibility of a 10GbE IP network with all the reliability and capabilities of a baseband facility.

Evertz has simplified the control by extending its MAGNUM (Evertz unified facility control) to treat the 10GbE Switch Fabric as a video router. Evertz MAGNUM control system turns the Ethernet based switch into a virtual video router, where operations has the same level of control they have come to expect from a traditional SDI router. Operations can seamlessly migrate from a SDI based facility to a 10GbE based facility without replacing their broadcast control system from Evertz. All of Evertz standard control surfaces are still applicable in controlling the routing of signals over 10GbE, smart panels and control surfaces like VUE will offer new dimensions in control.

SDVN Architecture

Evertz' SDVN architecture has two major components: MAGNUM and 3080IPX. For various applications, services are created to interface to the 3080IPX. MAGNUM controls the flows of the services to meet the applications' requirements. Various Evertz products can be used to create the various services

SDVN Applications

Evertz' SDVN can be used for many applications. Some of these applications include:

  • Data Centers
  • Transport Workflows
  • Production Workflows
  • WAN Consolidation
Data Centers Transport Workflow
Production Workflow Playout Workflow

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