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Evertz is leading the IP Revolution with its already deployed SDVN 10GE solution. SDVN is an exciting new architecture developed around a 10Gbps Ethernet core, offering a flexible format agnostic infrastructure that easily supports 4K and 8K video.

Evertz broad range of SDVN products includes the EXE and IPX 10GE switch fabrics, a series of Media/Video/Audio Gateway devices, the DreamCatcher 10GE enabled instant replay and the VIP10G multi-image display processor. SDVN is powered by MAGNUM, Evertz' award winning control system, which enables operators to use the same familiar work surfaces while taking advantage of video over IP.

Through its intelligent utilization of extreme bandwidth switching, the SDVN solution allows media organizations to harness the true potential of a 10GE /100GE IP-Ethernet network. Evertz' SDVN solution provides unprecedented scalability, highly efficient workflows, and a reduction in capital and operational costs.

SDVN Architectures

10GE Infrastructure SDI/10GE Hybrid Infrastructure

SDVN Applications

Evertz' SDVN can be used for many applications. Some of these applications include:

  • Network Enhanced Production Truck
  • IPTV Head End Infrastructure
  • IPTV Head End Monitoring
  • Expanding EQX router
Data Centers Transport Workflow
Production Workflow Playout Workflow

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