Evertz Microsystems Ltd.

Optimizing End to End Workflow

Evertz® Delivers Solutions for LIVE and File-based Workflows

Mediator - File-Based Workflow
MAGNUM - Unified Facility Control

Evertz® now offers a complete solution that is well beyond strictly infrastructure, core routing, and multi-viewing. We now deliver an integrated facility that provides superior file/non-file based multi-channel ingest and playout systems with advanced asset management tools.

With the combination of Evertz® Media Server (EMS), OvertureRT LIVE (channel playout), and Mediator® (content management and workflow tools), we deliver a workflow optimized for the modern Multi-Cast facility. Coupled with our award winning unified facility control system (MAGNUM™) and our robust NMS (VistaLINK® PRO), Evertz® provides an end to end solution for facilities that deliver content to television, video-on-demand, WebTV, IPTV, and mobile devices.