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Content Management and Workflow Platform



  • Prioritise and deliver large volumes of complex content more efficiently
  • Migrate video libraries to the digital domain with maximum throughput
  • Highly scalable for rapid, managed expansion
  • Desktop search and browse brings content and metadata closer to every user
  • Integration with third party channel management systems to match business priorities
  • Efficient use of third party hardware devices

TV Technology Star 2011 - Superior Technology Award Recipient The unique Mediator content management and workflow platform, with its integrated Playtime multichannel playout and MAGNUM unified control options, provides efficient tools to re-purpose and deliver multi-format content.

Web browser based user interfaces for PC and Mac now extend the workforce and can distribute operations to increase productivity as never before. Streamlined operations in library management ingest and QC through to compliance, promotions management and approvals helps talent across the business work together. By bringing the content and metadata closer to every user, Mediator's unique desktop user experience with multi-format browse, advanced search tools and proven workflow, enables rapid expansion in playout and publishing.

Mediator has the power to manage complex content at a component level throughout its lifecycle. Mediator can track and manage the thousands of video, audio, graphics and subtitle assets required for any size of system. By enabling business priorities such as scheduling and traffic to control complex content delivery, Mediator offers the most flexible and efficient workflow.